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We Are Magen

The name Magen is a protector, a shield.
We are committed to safeguarding your business and assets from the evolving cyber threats out there.

Our comprehensive security suit of premium services combines a proactive approach to cyber defense, with cutting edge technology and expert insights. We are here to ensure your organization stays one step ahead in the digital landscape.

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The Risk

Cybersecurity is crucial for SMBs. They need robust protection and sophisticated defensive measures to mitigate the many risks associated with cyber threats, and do so throughout the entire organization.

Covering Every Front

Endpoint Protection

Advanced anti-virus layer securing access ports like laptops, servers, and even mobile devices.

Maintain optimal coverage for a safe work environment free from threats.

Email Protection

Dedicated system designed to secure and protect email infrastructure from external intrusion.

Safeguard your private information and correspondence.

Browsing Protection

Shielding users and organizations from web-based threats and malicious incursions found online.

Keep online access secure and ensure user protection.

Secure Connection SWG

A Secure Web Gateway (SWG) service is a comprehensive safeguard for web traffic for internal users.

Control and manage multiple internal network connections.

Security Awareness

Targeting the human element through education and training about cybersecurity and best practices.

Reinforce the weakest link of every network – the people using it.

Cloud Protection

CNAPP is developed for Cloud and workload infrastructure, with modules for Posture management and continuous activity protection.

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Lawyers and Accountants

Firms / Office with +25 employees

Startups and tech ventures with +50 employees

Compliance ISO, HIPA, SOC2

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